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the lemon ginger candle

the lemon ginger candle

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Nothing soothes the soul quite like a hot cup of lemon ginger tea on a cold night, and nothing brightens and warms your space quite like our lemon ginger candle. Inspired by the bright, spicy, and warm qualities of that hot cup of tea, this candle will fill your home with zesty citrus and sharp ginger notes.

Hand poured 100% soy wax in a 10oz black matte tumbler jar. Decorated with dried lemon peel and lemon ginger tea leaves.

Top notes: lemon and lemongrass

Bottom notes: ginger

This candle uses a blend of fragrance oils and essential oils.

All of our candles use zinc core wicks which produce a cooler temperature flame and promotes a longer burn time for even more enjoyment with your candle!

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